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DUI Class OnlineReduce Your Risk of EVER Getting
Another DUI

Take the DUI Class on Your Computer

Complete your DUI class requirements from home or from a computer you access regularly using this fully approved and respected program.

Why www.duiclassonline.com?

  • Fully Licensed
  • State-of-the-Art
  • Secure
  • Private
  • Effective

DUI offenders use DUI Class Online to…

  1. Take the court-ordered DUI class from home.
    Complete the 10-hour court-ordered DUI education requirement from the privacy of home (or any computer with secure access).
  2. Work at an individual pace.
    Review the information any time and complete within 30 days.
  3. Receive a Certificate of Completion.
    Complete and pass the class to get your certificate.

DUI Class Next Step

Developed and operated by Intervention Instruction, Inc., DUI Class Online meets the rigorous content and security requirements for state-mandated risk education for driving under the influence offenders. As one of the oldest and most respected DUI risk education providers, Intervention Instruction has been helping drivers for more than 30 years.

At www.duiclassonline.com, DUI offenders meet their sentencing requirements by examining their behavior and understanding the consequences of drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs.

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